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Lone Oak Rifle and Pistol Club FAQs

1.  We have a membership cap of 450 and the number of new members admitted is determined by the number that don’t pay their dues and thus relinquish their membership. Currently we have a waiting list at Gators Custom Guns. 300 N 1st Ave Kelso, WA. We will take names from that list in February of each year.

2. The cost of joining is an initiation fee of $75.00 and annual dues of $75.00. We now require new applicants be sponsored by a club member. If you do not know a club member, please contact us by email (loneoak.rpc@gmail.com) and we will have some one contact you.

3. The range is located on Stewart Creek road off Coal Creek. We have about a dozen covered positions for the rifle targets out to 400 yards and a covered two position 50 yard pistol range. Shotguns are allowed to be used only with slugs and only on the rifle range. There is no electricity, water, or supervision. Hours of operation are 7:30 am to dusk every day.

4. We require all members to maintain an active membership in the National Rifle Association. If you are not already an NRA member when you go to sign up it is recommended that you submit your NRA application at The Gun Shop when you sign up. That way your application will not be delayed while we wait for NRA to process your paperwork.

5. It takes until March or April for new member applications to be processed and range orientations to be scheduled. New members have full member privileges after completing a range orientation. No consideration is given for getting less than a full year’s use for your first dues payment.

6. We do not offer family or group memberships. The member is prohibited from allowing his or her gate key and/or member credentials to be used by another party.

7. The club may be contacted by email at loneoak.rpc@gmail.com 

8. Mailing address for LORPC is P.O. Box 1033---- Longview, WA 98632

The violation of any range rule by any member or guest may result in membership termination and forfeiture of any dues paid.


Contact: loneoak.rpc@gmail.com