Range Rules

1. A key to the gate is issued to each club member. Under no circumstances is this key to be in the possession of anyone other than the member it was issued to. No attempt shall be made to duplicate the key. Always make certain the gate is closed and locked after you enter and when you leave.

2. Safe handling of firearms at all times is a must. No persons are to be forward of the firing line when any shooting is taking place. Firearms are to be unloaded and all actions open and no handling of firearms is allowed, anytime people are down range. Firearms placed in the gun racks must be unloaded and have the actions open. Report any unsafe handling of firearms to a club officer.

3. Only one guest per club member, except during matches.

4. Shooting at glass objects and metal cans is not allowed.

5. Please clean up after yourself. When finished shooting take your targets and shell casings home.

6. Do not hang targets on target frames in such a way that you'll be shooting through the frames or posts.

7. The .50 BMG cartridge, or any cartridge based on the .50 BMG, or any larger cartridges, are not allowed to be fired on Club Property.

8. Report any unsafe conditions or vandalism to a club officer as soon as possible. (see phone numbers on Club Officers and Directors Page or email loneoak.rpc@gmail.com)

9. All shots must impact berms on the same side of the range from which they are fired. No shots shall be fired is such a manner so as to impact on horizontal or slightly sloped surface or lawn area.

10. Absolutely no loaded firearms behind the firing line. Unload firearms prior to leaving the firing line.

11. No one is allowed forward of the firing line when loaded firearms are present.

12. Shotguns are allowed only on the rifle range and only when used with slug loads. Shot loads are not permitted. Patterning of shot loads is not permitted. Shooting of clay pigeons is not allowed on the range.

13. The use of shotguns and centerfire rifles on the pistol range is prohibited. No pistols that are chambered for ant centerfire rifle are allowed on the pistol range. Rimfire rifles chambered for the .22 cal. short, long, or long rifle may be fired on the pistol range.

14. The definition of the term "rapid fire" is generally accepted to mean any string of shots that is fired without careful and deliberate aim for each shot as well as attempting to simulate machine gun fire and/or "pulling the trigger as fast as you can". Rapid fire is not allowed on our range.

15. Members must display their membership card at all times when at the range. Every club member has the right to ask persons that are on club property for proof of membership. Do not be offended if another member asks to see your membership card. This policy helps us keep non-members off the range. If you have any problems with this contact one of the club officers.

The violation of any range rule by any member or guest may result in membership termination and forfeiture of any dues paid.